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Discover how today’s model parents help their children develop essential life skills physically, mentally, and emotionally-using this “gentle” training technique!


Dear Fellow Parent,

Hi, I hope you are doing well.

I know that it’s not easy raising young kids, as you only want the best for them. In fact, you work hard, day and night, just to make sure that you are able to give them the best in life, so that they will grow up well prepared as they mould their future.

I share the same sentiments, as I too have two young children, Anne and Kevin. Anne is turning 9 this December, while Kevin has recently turned 7. They are truly adorable and I love them with all my heart, but just like any other kids, they can be mischievous at times, and still occasionally throw tantrums. I know these are all part of them growing up, but as a parent I want them to learn how to face life headstrong-and this learning begins during their formative years.

BUT… with the rapid changes in today’s socio-cultural environment, parents find it harder to teach their children good moral and family values unlike before…

If you’re a mom or a dad who wants nothing but for your child to grow up with confidence, courage, independence, and the ability to stand up for his or her principles, THEN YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PAGE.

But let me share with you a secret: there is no such thing as perfect parenting, and there really are instances when you need support in doing this job right. And for me, this kind of support came in the form of training.

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER CRASH COURSE ON SO-CALLED GOOD PARENTING. This is an OPPORTUNITY for your children to learn and grow up according to your and more importantly, their aspirations-while at the same time allowing them to discover these for themselves.

As a parent, is it alright that…

  • You see your child come home from school all dirty and crying, only to find out that he was picked on by bullies?
  • Your child prefers to stay home and play with gadgets rather than go out and play with his or her peers?
  • You feel compelled to do everything for your child without giving him or her the opportunity to become independent?

We both know that your answer is NO, but these are PARENTING REALITIES. And it’s time that YOU PUT AN END TO ALL THESE SITUATIONS RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT!


Yes, this is my parenting secret: I have enrolled Anne and Kevin to a special class that’s been helping them develop the character values that they will find useful in all aspects in life, and that is AIKIDO.

Sure, you may be asking, of all martial arts classes to choose from, I settled with Aikido. My answer is plain and simple:

Aikido Training


A non-combat Japanese self-defence martial art, Aikido trains your child to:

  • Become more confident and develop a sense of self-worth and self-respect
  • Enhance their social skills by fostering respect for others, including his peers
  • Exercise focus and discipline in almost all life activities, including academic studies
  • Develop physical strength, flexibility and mind-body coordination
  • Know how to do basic self defence and become more vigilant in various kinds of situations

Truth be told, at first I was not convinced about the benefits of Aikido, as there are other more popular martial arts in which my fellow parents enrolled their kids in. But thankfully I have found a place that teaches contemporary Aikido for kids as young as mine, a community that’s safe and welcoming to persons who want to learn the discipline to develop their aspirations as individuals: aikiForest.

No place else to trust but Singapore’s premier leading Aikido learning school for children aged 5 to 9 years old


Since 2011, aikiForest has trained over 5,000 students between the ages of 5 – 9 years of age, and currently has 2,000 active members and partnerships with over 50 pre-schools and other educational institutions.


Unlike other Aikido schools that only focus on the discipline and techniques, aikiForest follows a 2-prong approach towards this form of martial art, making it both a structured and progressive training experience:

1.) Social, Emotional and Character Building

  • Children connect with teachers through various activities, including stories and play;
  • Provide them with a better understanding of rules and etiquette;
  • Maintain longer and longer FOCUS with Aikido practice;
  • Cultivate essential Aikido VALUES (Caring, Concentration, Cooperation, Confidence);
  • Learn to PARTNER safely by working together;
  • Grow into a LEADER: leading warm-ups, leading groups, and helping peers.

2.) Physical Technical Development

  • Practicing BREAKFALLS for self-defence and protection;
  • Improving motor COORDINATION through basic Aikido techniques;
  • Exercise CONTROL of a partner safely;
  • Display AWARENESS of surroundings and reaction to SITUATIONS.

Every parent fears of not being able to raise their children well. Every mom and dad wants nothing but for their kids to learn and possess the skills (beyond academic achievements) that will prepare them for this game called LIFE.

I have no regrets in enrolling Anne and Kevin at aikiForest. They have been taking regular Aikido classes already, and I am seeing that they are starting to be more aware of their surroundings, both in their actions and with their attitudes towards everyday situations. These simple instances-and how they deal with them, already make me proud. They’re growing up fast, and these lessons are things I don’t want them to miss out.


Administrator of Kindergarten at Bukit Timah

“The Aikido teachers make the classes so fun! The children love them!”

Teacher of child care centre at East Coast

“I noticed our children would practice what they have learnt from Aikido class. They are aware that Aikido is meant for self-defence instead of fighting or violence.”

Teacher of child care centre at East Coast

“My students look forward to the weekly aikido lesson. The Aikido teachers give clear instructions and my students are able to follow and carry them out. Aikido has taught my students to be more alert. Thyey also have better memory recall now.”

Parent of preschooler of Punggol   

“My child has acquired more discipline and higher level of awareness after learning Aikido. The teachers are able to engage the students and conduct lessons in a fun and conducive enviroment, yet instilling some discipline appropriate for the age group.”

Ms. Sabina, Mother of Ilham Nada (age 6)

“I am able to see a vast improvement in discipline in my son! When he was younger, he wouldn’t really follow instructions. But (with aikido) I notice that he is able to focus and follow instructions. He also makes a conscious effor to meet goals and targets set by the trainers, and performs the techniques to the best of his abilities. I’m so proud of him!”

Ms Siti Nurbaiya, Mother of Hadi Sufi (age 5)

“Aikido is a great way to get my son to focus and learn to listen to instructions. I like that the techniques are gentle and non-aggressive, yet effective! The instructors are well-versed in kids’ behaviours and can engage them very well. My son loves the Aikido lessons and really look forward to it every week!”

Mr and Mrs Kee, Parents of Thad Kee (age 5)

“From the way the Aikido instructors engage the class, the children thoroughly enjoy themselves and are able to comprehend the lessons very well!”

Mrs Leong, Mother of Bianca Leong (age 4)

“This is a very good exercise for them and the children will learn a lot through taking up Aikido. Bianca is very active, so I’m sure she will benefit greatly from the lessons.”

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So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your child a good training for the future by honing their physical, mental, and emotional capacities through the teachings of Aikido!

Your kids are growing up fast.
They deserve to learn the skills that they will use as they form their future.
And this is their time to do just that.

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