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Finding the Best Martial Arts for Your Kids—A Parent’s Guide

To effectively instill balance and discipline in their children, many parents turn to one thing—martial arts. Many also consider it as the ideal outlet for kids to release their pent-up energy while developing their self-confidence and social skills. And since children are impressionable by nature, learning martial

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The Way of Harmony: The Beginner’s Guide to Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art first developed and introduced by Morihei Ueshiba. He was also often referred to as “O Sensei” or “Great teacher.” On a physical level, aikido involves joint locks and throws derived from Jujitsu and techniques and throws derived from Kenjutsu. However, aikido’s

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Aikido for Kids: What are the Exceptional Benefits?

Adults practice aikido for a variety of reasons—relaxation, self-defense, stress reduction and a host of other benefits. However, those are concepts children don’t care about or are not even aware of to begin with. So, the question remains: why aikido for kids? What do kids stand to

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